“Let’s go out, with our best smile, behind our masks.”

Medieval activities at Penne Castle

On your way to visit… Climb to the top…
Fun and cultural tours.



A unique festival in and around the forest of Grésigne, on 1st October for school groups, then 2nd to 4th October 2020.

Back to nature, a return to the wild.

Come along, listen… and enjoy a journey from one magical spot to another…

Escape and be carried away in a musical showcase of biodiversity, mystery and history against a backdrop of visual arts, dance, science and poetry.

Immerse yourself in the spirit of “Togetherness”.

festival musical en forêt de Grésigne

Le Ciel sur Cordes

In 2021, The sky reveals all its secrets…

… in this exhibition of breathtaking pictures that presents current and future expeditions to the red planet.

danseurs fête occitane La Talvera sous la halle à Cordes

Occitan Festival

For a new edition in 2021… Go with the flow of the Occitan culture and other traditions from around the world.

Concerts, dances, games, conferences… get the picture? Let La Talvera set the beat with their poetic musical repertoire. Discover some amazing instruments like the “craba” bagpipes, the “gralla” oboe, the fife and the clarinet”… No doubt about it, you’ll succumb to the charm…

Festival de l'ete de Vaour

Ete de Vaour Festival

Postponed until 2021

A festival of the heart! Every year in the very first week of August. All welcome.

Free events in the run-up to the L’Eté Vagabond festival in the charming villages of the surrounding area.

Laughter in Vaour, a small village in the middle of the limestone plateau, close to an enormous dolmen!

For theatre lovers and fans of circus art, live shows and other productions, always with a dose of humour thrown in. Every evening, free concert and drinks.

Bring a picnic and relax on the grass.

The Great Falconer Medieval Festival

Cancelled for 2020

“Relive the Middle Ages, in July”.

Tent camp and medieval village, with archery competition in the lower town, on the site of the “Mémoire des Pierres” show. Discover the medieval village with children’s games from days of old. The Grand Banquet will leave your senses reeling, with troubadours and entertainers who put on a show while you fill your belly.

Don’t forget the spectacle of fire!!

Banquet participants come in fancy dress!!

Défilé avec groupes costumés et chevaux dans les rues de Cordes

Cordes sur Ciel Festival

Cancelled for 2020

In July, enjoy the surprise of a beautiful musical story.

This Festival places the spotlight on the heritage and music of a different country each year!

Enjoy concerts with the family, including children aged 7 years and up, with a few improvised surprises in store at some unexpected places.

A great story for this powerful festival with a soul, now recognised both in France and across the world. A lively experience of warmth and togetherness brought to you by the town of Cordes. Many a musician has been stunned by the beauty of this extraordinary site and the medieval village.