A nice picnic area with tables, seats and toilets, or just a beautiful spot?

Picnic spots for every season, here where the seasons inspire us..

Even tastier with our local specialities…

Stop off after visiting the winegrowers or seeing the sights… Just 1 hour from Toulouse and close to the Aveyron Gorges.

panorama sur mouzieys-panens

Savour a picnic by the water

Enjoy panoramic views from Mouzieys-Panens, in the sun or the shade…

Bournazel, Marnaves, Les Cabannes or Cordes sur Ciel, perfect after visiting our artisans.

A delicious bite after a long walk

Picnic tables in Souel, Labarthe-Bleys, Saint-Marcel-Campes or Roussayrolles.

In Saint-Marcel-Campes

An Orthodox church is erected
where the Cordais plateaus and the Cérou valley outcrops.

saint marcel campes

Choose where to savour your meal...


Souel :

At the start of hiking


Les Cabannes :

Lunch at the water’s edge after climbing to

village de milhars

Milhars :

Lunch on the Cérou riverbank in Milhars.

commanderie de vaour

Vaour :

Near the Dolmen, climb to the Commandery for delicious moments during the festival.

Bike to Penne...

By motorbike or bicycle… Stop, smell and taste…

Less than 30 minutes from Albi

“An aerie and rest area rolled into one!”