All the “Occitanie & South of France” flavour of Tarn.

Tarn, the perfect place to discover culinary delights of excellent quality!

Cheese, “croquant” biscuits, olive oil, whisky, truffles, duck and wines. Excellent products for you to relish.

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Distillerie Castan

Villeneuve-sur-Vère00 33 (0)5 63 53 04 61

Featuring three generations of distillers as the creators of the Whisky Tarnais, ‘le Vilanova Single Malt' (local whisky of the Tarn area). Also featuring a fruit and aperitif distillery, this distillery exploits 7 hectares of vineyards in PDO Gaillac. Visit includes a free tasting. Group visits available by appointment.

Château Bourguet

Vindrac-Alayrac00 33 (0)6 75 40 76 31, 00 33 (0)5 63 56 15 23

A family farm cultivated for 4 generations with the same passion.

La Bergerie d'Andignac

Vindrac-Alayrac07 83 14 45 30

Venez découvrir notre production de fromages, yaourts, fromages blanc, tommes de brebis, ainsi que nos élevages de porcs plein air et d'agneaux.

La Guytane


Fabrication artisanale de conserves de canards gras.

L'abel Pouget

Virac00 33 (0)6 87 49 69 00

The farm has existed since 1890, it is situated between Cordes and Albi and it amasses 12.3 hectares of vines.

“Croquant” biscuits

The ultimate Cordes speciality! This sweet treat from Cordes has gone unrivalled for a whole century. It is a biscuit made from wheat flour,

egg white, sugar, and almonds grown in the South West, along with a small pinch of mystery that makes it truly unique. Croquants go particularly well with fruit salad or icecream, or a nice little glass of Gaillac white wine… Once you’ve tasted this culinary delight you’ll definitely be back for more…



Make sure you visit a truffle market… This black gold thrives on our limestone soils which are close to those of the Quercy region. This is why there are more and more truffle farms between Albi and Cordes. Winter is the best time of year to try truffles (from mid December to mid February).

Moments of delight for fans of these fungi of incomparable aroma!

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