All the “Occitanie & South of France” flavour of Tarn.

Tarn, the perfect place to discover culinary delights of excellent quality!

Cheese, “croquant” biscuits, olive oil, whisky, truffles, duck and wines. Excellent products for you to relish.

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Domaine Carcenac

Montans00 33 (0)5 63 57 57 28, 00 33 (0)6 70 57 46 31

Winegrower of Passion O Heart of Graves. Our family vineyard is located in Montans, a small village with Gallo-Roman remains in the heart of the Gaillac region. Our exceptional terroir and our unique grape varieties allow us to offer a large number of wines.

Domaine de Sanbatan

Montans00 33 (0)5 63 57 25 48, 00 33 (0)6 81 95 50 71

Dégustation à partager avec le propriétaire autour de la table, assis, tout en discutant près du bar en barrique.

EARL Fargues

Montans05 63 33 36 14

As breeders of "Aubrac" cows, we have a butcher's shop on the farm, where we sell veal and beef from our farm. We offer our products in retail or in boxes as in a traditional butcher's shop.

Les Mirliflores

Montans05 63 53 47 74

Discover our gourmet biscuits with old recipes, made by craftsmen in the Tarn!

Les Serres du Verdet


Family farm in Montans, at a place called Le Verdet. We produce vegetable, flower and aromatic plants, seasonal fruit and vegetables in sustainable agriculture, with the Sud de France and Bienvenue à la ferme labels.

Vignobles Jérome Bézios - Domaine la Croix des Marchands / Château Palvié

Montans00 33 (0)6 80 65 44 69, 00 33 (0)5 63 57 19 71

Two terroirs, two appellations, two typicalities to offer you the most complete of discoveries, all in conviviality, exchange and good humor.

Chateau d'Arlus

Montels00 33 (0)5 63 33 15 06

Domaine bio fondé en 2000 offrant la gamme complète des vins AOP Gaillac.

Domaine Florybelle

Montels00 33 (0)6 48 68 25 470

Le Domaine Florybelle est un petit domaine familial de 4 hectares, travaillé en Agriculture Biologique à Montels sur les coteaux de Gaillac.

La Vignureuse

Montels00 33 (0)5 63 40 77 47, 00 33 (0)6 19 87 07 81

Domaine viticole en bio et vin méthode nature, sans sulfites ajoutés.


Montgaillard06 18 94 13 04

Production of vegetable, herb and flower plants.

Ruchers de Bohème

Montgaillard00 33 (0)7 82 16 75 20

Producer of honey and products of the hive. Beekeepers, producers, transhumance.

Maraîchage Bernard Stéphanie

Mouzieys-Panens06 74 64 19 07

Sale of vegetables at the farm to order and at the Cordes sur Ciel market on Saturday mornings all year round.

Château Bouscaillous

Noailles00 33 (0)5 63 56 85 34, 00 33 (0)6 13 55 92 54

Situated 7km from Cordes sur Ciel, you will receive a friendly and warm welcome from the wine-grower before visiting the wine warehouse and vineyards. Wine-tasting included – tasting for groups available by appointment. Picnic area on-site.

Bouviers Farm

Parisot00 33 (0)6 11 39 12 98

The Ferme des Bouviers is a producer of cereals in the Tarn, in Organic Agriculture; the transformation at the farm allows us to offer you quality dried vegetables, flours and organic oils, with delicate tastes and respectful of your health.

Castel de Brames

Peyrole00 33 (0)6 08 42 39 08, 00 33 (0)5 63 57 25 80

Le Castel de Brames est un vignoble situé sur la rive gauche du Tarn, en bordure de la troisième terrasse.

Château de Terride

Puycelsi00 33 (0)5 63 33 26 63

Lieu unique et insolite, le Château de Terride est situé au milieu des bois de la Grésigne, complètement excentré du reste de l'appellation des vins de Gaillac.Patrimoine gastronomie et dégustations sont au RDV.

Miellerie de Puycelsi


Nous sommes apiculteurs, producteurs professionnels depuis 30 ans avec 1200 ruches en production. Venez découvrir notre boutique et déguster nos différents miels en vente directe dans un cadre sympathique.

Domaine In Ventis

Rabastens00 33 (0)6 37 55 28 44

Le Domaine In Ventis ("Dans les Vents"), lancé en 2016, exploite 4 hectares de vigne sur les hauteurs de Rabastens. Vins rouges mono-cépages (Duras, Braucol, Syrah), blanc sec et rosé.Une production confidentielle et un soin apporté à chaque bouteille

Domaine Les Fontaines de Cavalade

Rabastens00 33 (0)6 19 42 05 61

Les Fontaines de Cavalade vous propose la vente de vins uniquement au domaine et sur les marchés.

Ferme du Vallon des Laurenses

Rabastens06 23 81 03 74

Céline has been raising organically grown Alpine goats for 13 years in the commune of Rabastens. The milk is transformed into raw milk cheeses, sold directly.


Rabastens06 76 97 38 74

FloraSimple simply offers you a quality Saffron produced by craftsmen in the Tarn. A natural culture of the Crocus sativus L flower allows us to produce this high quality spice, unique in its colour, aroma and flavour.

La Safranette

Rabastens06 89 68 67 43

Producer of organic saffron and Crocus Sativus bulbs.Discover the origin and history of the saffron flower, botany, cultivation, culinary use, virtues, derived products...

L'Enclos des Braves

Rabastens00 33 (0)6 08 30 27 81

An 8-hectare biodynamic vineyard that produces natural wines from native Gaillac grapes.

O Gourmandises d'Alice

Rabastens06 45 28 23 98

Artisan chocolatier, Alice invites you to discover her world through her creations.With her exceptional know-how, Alice is a laureate of the "International Chocolate Awards" 2019!

“Croquant” biscuits

The ultimate Cordes speciality! This sweet treat from Cordes has gone unrivalled for a whole century. It is a biscuit made from wheat flour,

egg white, sugar, and almonds grown in the South West, along with a small pinch of mystery that makes it truly unique. Croquants go particularly well with fruit salad or icecream, or a nice little glass of Gaillac white wine… Once you’ve tasted this culinary delight you’ll definitely be back for more…



Make sure you visit a truffle market… This black gold thrives on our limestone soils which are close to those of the Quercy region. This is why there are more and more truffle farms between Albi and Cordes. Winter is the best time of year to try truffles (from mid December to mid February).

Moments of delight for fans of these fungi of incomparable aroma!

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