Les Conserves de Garrissou© Persyl Les Mateurs Pennards
Les Conserves de Garrissou© Persyl Les Mateurs Pennards


All the “Occitanie & South of France” flavour of Tarn.

Tarn, the perfect place to discover culinary delights of excellent quality!

Cheese, “croquant” biscuits, olive oil, whisky, truffles, duck and wines. Excellent products for you to relish.


Duck and black pork

A great culinary tradition of South West France.

Duck features widely in South West cuisine, so it’s only natural to find it in every shape and form in our cooked local dishes and artisanal preserves : cassoulet aiguillettes, breast fillet, confit, foie gras, pâté, and so on. There’s a duck product to suit every taste! The duck farmers will tell you their cooking secrets and make you aware of the importance of this regional culinary tradition that’s great for the tastebuds as well as your health, they’ll have you know.

Cheese and other dairy products

Give in to the urge and try our cheeses that have won many an award! A cheese from Le Pic, for example, won a gold medal at the World Cheese Fair in Tours. You’ll find cabécou, tomme, fromage frais and yogurt at our dairies, on the markets and also in some of our shops. These cheeses made from cow’s, ewe’s or goat’s milk go well with a nice slice of crusty baguette.


Local producer group

Direct sale, products farmers or craftsmen.
25 producers
and artisans of Tarn offer local products to order online.
Fresh and dried vegetables, fruits, eggs, peasant breads, cheeses, meats, poultry, pasta, flours, jam, honey, wine beers, syrups, aperitif drinks, sauces, pestos, teas, soaps…
Products to be withdrawn in one of the 13 points withdrawals on Thursday afternoon.

From olive tree to oil bottle

That inimitable taste of olives and olive oil, produced right here in Tarn. Unique in the region. Domaine Rigaud is a farm that cultivates vines, cereals, truffles and, more recently, olives.

The estate boasts more than 400 olive trees… and has its own oil mill and farm shop. Book ahead for a visit to the olive groves.


Tarn Whisky

Maison Castan – the first whisky distillery in Occitanie, where French excellence has been rewarded by 2 medals, a gold and a silver. The Castan family tend to the vines and wines of Domaine La Gardelle. This organic vineyard in the Gaillac appellation area is located on the Cordes plateau. The story of the distillery goes back to 1941. For 50 years, the Castan family had a mobile still that toured from village to village across Tarn and Aveyron.

Gilbert, the man behind the distilling activity, passed on his expertise to his son and his grandson, Sébastien, who does the distilling today. Sébastien decided to build a fruit and whisky distillery in 2007. He distilled his first whisky in February 2010.

Our wines

A passion and a savoir-faire, from the vine to the glass… Three colours and a whole array of flavours.

Tours and tastings to share the wine experience with the producers…

Come visit them or stop for an aperitif… if you’re old enough!

Famous since Antiquity, nowadays the Gaillac vineyard is a safe bet (AOC classification in 1930). From

fresh, fruity whites to reds with woody, fruity and even slightly peppery aromas, the wines from our hillsides are sure to please.

They come in three colours and a range of categories: dry white, sweet white, finely-bubbled, wine for laying down, wine matured on oak, primeur wine, traditional Gaillac sparkling wine, and so on.

Come to meet the winegrowers : 


Sainte-Cécile craft brewery

Craft beer brewers. Each bottle contains a little piece of the history of Tarn. Each beer comes with an illustration of a local heritage feature. White beer: La Cordaise; Lager: Le Pont Vieux (Albi); Red ale: Sainte-Cécile (cathedral of Albi); Amber ale: Lapérouse; Stout: La Galibot (Carmaux miners); Christmas beer; Abbey beer (coming soon) Unguided tours, tastings and direct sales.


“Croquant” biscuits

The ultimate Cordes speciality! This sweet treat from Cordes has gone unrivalled for a whole century. It is a biscuit made from wheat flour,

egg white, sugar, and almonds grown in the South West, along with a small pinch of mystery that makes it truly unique. Croquants go particularly well with fruit salad or icecream, or a nice little glass of Gaillac white wine… Once you’ve tasted this culinary delight you’ll definitely be back for more…



Make sure you visit a truffle market… This black gold thrives on our limestone soils which are close to those of the Quercy region. This is why there are more and more truffle farms between Albi and Cordes. Winter is the best time of year to try truffles (from mid December to mid February).

Moments of delight for fans of these fungi of incomparable aroma!

Complete list of other producers cordais et causse

13 results

Le Terroir du Père Barras

Cordes sur Ciel06 05 40 14 66

Situated in the Cérou valley, near Cordes-sur-Ciel our trade revolves around respecting TRADITION to create this famous South West gem: Foie Gras.

Fromagerie Le Pic

Penne05 63 56 33 64

For forty years, the Fromagerie Le Pic, a family artisanal cheesemonger, has been situated on the edge of Aveyron where unpasteurised goat’s cheese is made and commercialised.

Les Conserves de Garrissou

Penne06 76 61 94 19

This artisanal cannery uses local farm produce. Two products typical to the South-West region are transformed to make an array of products: duck fat and Black Gascon pork.Salted meat and cooked meals. ‘Bespoke’ catering services. Cooking workshops.


Itzac06 35 24 42 00

O'meloko est un groupement de 25 producteurs et artisans du Tarn proposant des produits locaux à commander en ligne et à retirer dans un de nos 13 points retraits le jeudi après-midi.

Cave de Labastide

Labastide-de-Lévis00 33 (0)5 63 53 73 63

The Parcours of Legends combines dreams, emotions and lessons to make you live a unique experience. Immerse yourself in our universe, from the vine to the bottle. You will discover a unique perspective , all our secrets and our know-how to produce our wines so characteristic of “Gaillacois”.

Huile Rigaud

Livers-Cazelles06 72 58 75 66

An agricultural estate (with vines, cereal crops and truffle-growing), specialised in olive cultivation, with an olive grove, an oil mill and shop (which sells oil, table olives and local specialities).

Domaine Gayrard

Milhavet00 33 (0)6 12 09 01 34, 00 33 (0)6 17 97 01 16, 00 33 (0)6 98 17 58 35

Right near Cordes-sur-Ciel, on the northern boundary of the Gaillac vineyard, the Gayrard Estate is being fully renovated. Laure & Pierre Fabre took over the family property in 2013 with the aim of bringing their 5 century wine-making traditions to life.

Château Bouscaillous

Noailles00 33 (0)5 63 56 85 34, 00 33 (0)6 13 55 92 54

Situated 7km from Cordes sur Ciel, you will receive a friendly and warm welcome from the wine-grower before visiting the wine warehouse and vineyards. Wine-tasting included – tasting for groups available by appointment. Picnic area on-site.

Famille Balaran. Domaine d'Escausses - Château l'Enclos des Roses

Sainte-Croix00 33 (0)5 63 56 80 52

This family estate is situated halfway between the the episcopal city of Albi and the medieval village of Cordes-sur-Ciel.

Distillerie Castan

Villeneuve-sur-Vère00 33 (0)5 63 53 04 61

Featuring three generations of distillers as the creators of the Whisky Tarnais, ‘le Vilanova Single Malt’ (local whisky of the Tarn area). Also featuring a fruit and aperitif distillery, this distillery exploits 7 hectares of vineyards in PDO Gaillac. Visit includes a free tasting. Group visits available by appointment.

Château Bourguet

Vindrac-Alayrac00 33 (0)6 75 40 76 31, 00 33 (0)5 63 56 15 23

A family farm cultivated for 4 generations with the same passion.

L'abel Pouget

Virac00 33 (0)6 87 49 69 00

The farm has existed since 1890, it is situated between Cordes and Albi and it amasses 12.3 hectares of vines.