Our region alone is a whole pack of picture postcards.

You don’t even have to go hunting for our best viewpoints, they’re all here for you!

As authentic as it gets, all year round


A feast for the eyes...

During your break, you’ll be enchanted by the diversity of our landscape and architecture. Look up, look down or gaze towards the horizon. A multitude of viewpoints to take your breath away.

A succession of limestone plateaus, hillsides and valleys, plenty of ways to get close to nature in this shimmering landscape that changes through the seasons.

In spring...

Flowers burst into bloom and invite you to daydream… Tones of green mingle with the red poppies, white daisies, yellow broom, blue cornflowers… and the song of birds…

les cabannes-presdecordessurciel

In summer...

The sun is hot and nature is thriving. Delighted children and adults dream of the long evenings and festivities of the summer holidays.

Stop in the shade at a lookout point for a refreshing break out of the sun.

In autumn...

Summer yields to autumn and the warm colours of the leaves are an invitation to contemplation. At this time of year everything is peaceful but nature is very much alive and offers a soothing atmosphere.

With all this magical beauty, autumn has to be the favourite season of nature lovers.

Cordes sous neige vertical

In winter...

The days are pulling in and the temperature is falling. 

Winter is also a time for celebrations, with plenty of opportunities to get together, like Halloween and Pancake Day, not forgetting Christmas!

You’ll wrap up warm for the evening and appreciate nature’s generosity and the charming local landscape that’s sometimes even covered in snow.

Keen photographers, come capture these panoramic views!

So what are you waiting for, visit our tourist offices!

Come to our tourist offices, step inside and we’ll advise you about visiting a headland, a river or another of our surprising places…