jardin remaquable-verfeil-sur-seye
jardin remaquable-verfeil-sur-seye


Cultural site? A place to meditate?

Activities in Tarn? Less than 1.5 hours away from Toulouse and just 20 minutes from Albi!

Fancy visiting a park, a museum or a castle? The choice is yours… Discover our unique sites, alone or in the company of a guide.

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Charles Portal Museum

Cordes sur Ciel06 63 98 49 29, +33 9 72 87 07 95

In a medieval building, classified as a historical monument, come and discover the history of Cordes-sur-Ciel, from prehistory to modern day, its surroundings, as well as the issues and specific features behind its creation in 1222.


Cordes sur Ciel05 63 56 14 79

Situated in Grand Fauconnier house, this Modern and Contemporary Art museum provides visitors with a unique combination of architectural heritage and artistic creation.


Cordes sur Ciel07 67 83 09 67

Situated on the last fortified terraces of Cordes-sur-Ciel, like an oasis in the desert, Jardin des Paradis allows you to take a cooling stop-off in the city! A refreshment area and a small restaurant, exhibition rooms, play areas and a shop.

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Cordes sur Ciel

Du 01/07 au 31/08, tous les jours.Lundi, mardi, mercredi, jeudi, vendredi et dimanche : 11h, 15h & 16h Samedi : 15h & 16h.Du 01/09 au 30/09, tous les jours.Lundi au vendredi : 11h & 15h Samedi : 15h & 16h Dimanche : 11h, 15h & 16h.

Walk for 30 to 45 minutes through the valleys, with a panoramic view of the Cordes-sur-Ciel and a historical guided tour. After this tour, you will be dropped at the entrance to the upper city, to admire the village.

The Art of Sugar and Chocolate - Yves Thuriès

Cordes sur Ciel+33 5 63 56 02 40

A permanent and unique exhibition in the world of sugar and chocolate masterpieces, following themes such as the Middle Ages, mythology, tales and legends. A number of these masterpieces were awarded with prizes during major national and international competitions.


Cordes sur Ciel05 63 53 09 82, 06 59 18 19 09

This building, known as ‘La Gaudane’ was built in 1881 and it housed the first embroidery factory also known as ‘La Fabrique’ (The Factory).


Penne05 63 55 71 09, 06 23 82 94 22

Situated in the heart of Aveyron Gorges, the Château de Penne is a military architectural gem from the 13th century, which is currently being restored to preserve it.From 11/07 to 23/08 several events and guided visits have been organised.

Domaine de Candale

Lisle-sur-Tarn00 33 (0)6 23 48 88 33

Située au cœur de la forêt venez découvrir les abeilles en famille. Vous pourrez chercher la reine, caresser une abeille. Une visite avec des photos inoubliables, pédagogique et ludique.

Le Petit-Paris

Vaïssac05 63 64 24 80

Here you will find an exceptional reconstruction of Paris and France in miniature in a garden. Go on a visit to the Louvre Museum to explore its collections, video archives and the Petit-Moulin Rouge robot show. A curious spectacle which will delight children and adults alike!

Les Jardins de Quercy

Verfeil05 63 65 46 22

The Gardens of Quercy (1 ha) are made up of a dozen themed gardens which are always in bloom. Benches and seats dotted about invite you to observe the plants and insects. There is also an outdoor tea room. Recipes donated to the «Toutes à l’école» (All At School) charity.