Art & craft workshops, galleries, boutiques, exhibitions, etc. You’ll find art and culture in every form in Cordes sur Ciel & Cités Médiévales!

So come explore Cordes and the surrounding area to find an abundance of quality boutiques that showcase our traditions, savoir-faire and creativity.

Meet the craftspeople and discover their passion for their work.

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Anne Marie Boutique

Cordes sur Ciel05 63 56 06 45

Art shop, crafts and souvenirs.

Anne-Marie Séguier

Cordes sur Ciel09 67 17 04 73, 06 42 79 10 81

Unique decorative pieces. Engobed polished terracotta.

Création Pik

Cordes sur Ciel06 22 38 98 61, 06 03 51 17 59

Artisanal jewellery maker, Création PIK, exhibits several creations in its shop: necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings, as well as statuettes and other objets d'art.

Daniel Fosse

Cordes sur Ciel06 86 93 44 76, 05 63 56 18 81

The artist works with all kinds of techniques (oil, watercolour, pastels, drawing, sculpture, enamels) - for the artist, art starts when other people start to dream. Exhibition of artwork in the studio: oil, watercolour, pastel, drawings, sculpture, enamels

De drôles d'Oiseaux - Atelier de céramique

Cordes sur Ciel06 07 43 14 46

Creative production studio for making decorative and utilitarian ceramics. Contemporary style. Unique pieces and small collections with an engobed stoneware finish. The collaborative work of a turner and a decorator. A French, English and Spanish speaking reception. Debit cards accepted

Editions Larroque

Cordes sur Ciel05 63 56 14 93

Creates, publishes and sells limited edition art books with illuminated and calligraphed illustrations – Sells texts and small calligraphed cards – Sells lecterns.

ESP photographie, édition et PhotoTours

Cordes sur Ciel06 80 80 61 98

My wife Jude and I launched ESP PhotoTours to promote Occitanie. Our Australian and New Zealand clients stay in Cordes for 7 days, we introduce them to the region, its history and culture and we teach them about photography and Photoshop.

Galerie de la Barbacane

Cordes sur Ciel05 81 02 44 86

Modern and contemporary art gallery (painting, ceramics, sculpture, drawings, lithography…).

Galerie Traces d'Art

Cordes sur Ciel06 86 85 61 03

For season 2020, the Espace Traces d’Art presents to you a new team of artists with more surprising, authentic and original masterpieces than ever before…Open for season 2020, starting from Friday 1st May….

Golden Ethik

Cordes sur Ciel06 51 80 47 62

Fashion jewellery: hazel wood jewellery creations with fine gemstones. The bracelets can help relieve and prevent skin problems, heartburn, gastric reflix, migraines, osteoarthritis and arthritis...

J. Bouin Lapidaire

Cordes sur Ciel07 81 79 29 84

Stones cut by Pierre de Travail for spirituality purposes. Creations by Pierre de Travail for Initié & Thérapeute. Reconnection treatments, the liberation of Karma & others. Open pricing for treatments & offer for buying a Pierre de travail item.

La Cour des Miracles

Cordes sur Ciel06 81 64 09 86

The Cour des Miracles (Court of Miracles) is an association grouping together a gallery, a community café, studio areas for artists and an events hall (for film, literature, dance etc...).

Mambo Lulu

Cordes sur Ciel06 38 47 49 43

Purely homemade creations, combining ancient art an modern designs.It expresses a sophisticated and ethnic expertise. Our shop sells jewelled sandals, bags, accessories and colourful, original and welcoming decorative objects.

Mathera Pastel

Cordes sur Ciel05 63 56 01 55

A specialist in Lectoure Blue (Isatis tinctoria) - Fine art products, Painting, Decoration- Textile dying, - Pastel oil, Soaps, Pastel oil cosmetics...

Stanko Kristic

Cordes sur Ciel05 63 56 13 63, 06 11 34 48 01

Gallery-studio: An internationally renowned artist sculptor-mosaicist. He creates light-up masks and monumental sculptures on commission up to 10m in height.

Tagua World

Cordes sur Ciel

Vegetable ivory (Tagua) or Corozo is obtained from the seeds of a palm tree: Phytelephas Macrocarpa.When worked on, these seeds look like ivory.Each hand-sculpted object is unique.

Véronique Azam

Cordes sur Ciel06 72 95 14 94

Véronique Azam’s gallery studio presents her oil and acrylic creations on canvas or wooden boards.It invites you to dream and to dive into a world where the dark colours intermix with the pale, emitting light.

Le Marteau et l'Enclume

Milhars06 77 82 94 34

Artisan Blacksmith, Cutlery maker and Metalworker. Bespoke and artisanal manufacture of forged knives (Kitchen, Outdoor, Hunting, Folding).It creates forged ironwork which has been assembled traditionally.

Marlyne Blaquart - artiste peintre

Les Cabannes07 81 00 66 15

Drawing and painting lessons.Individual or group sessions: 3 people maximumSketches, drafts and observations

Art - Céramique - CG L'Autodidacte

Sainte-Croix06 64 11 98 49

Sculpteur - Céramiste d'Art - RakuSortie de la terre, du feu et de l'eau, les brillances des oxydes, la magie des couleurs, les craquelures, l’enfumage révèlent la singularité de chaque pièce.Un univers sensible à découvrir, entre dérision et émotion...