cordes nature coquelicot
cordes nature coquelicot


Diversity and a change of scene in our villages, valleys and limestone plateaus.

Go walking near the gorges and bastides of Tarn.

Less than 2 hours away from Toulouse.

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Le chemin de Conques à Toulouse

Cordes sur Ciel05 63 47 73 06

Between the Massif Central and the Midi Toulousain, is a territory which maintains a close connection with nature.

GR® Pays Penne - Cordes-sur-Ciel

Penne05 63 47 73 06

This Major Hiking route, with a distance of around 34 kilometres, allows you to cross through the villages of: Penne, Vaour, Roussayrolles, Marnaves and Cordes-sur-ciel.A full immersion in nature and culture guaranteed!

Les Suquets de Penne

Penne05 63 47 73 06

In a natural setting sculpted by Aveyron, Penne’s unique village-style architecture, built into the rock, is in harmony with its surroundings: a limestone cliff backdrop.

La Route des Pigeonniers du Tarn


With almost 1,700 dovecots, the department of Tarn offers you an exceptional variety in terms of their architecture and history.

La vallée de Bonnan

Milhars05 63 47 73 06

The small valley of Bonnan is towered over by the sheer faces of limestone cliffs. Over this 11km route, you will discover a landscape which alternates between green meadows, arid, barren hillsides and the grassy expanses and twisted oaks of the Caussenard plateau.

Sentier découverte de Bonnan

Milhars05 63 47 73 06

Discover the small valley of Bonnan, 15km north-west of Cordes-sur-Ciel.

GR®46 - Les Bastides albigeoises

Les Cabannes05 63 47 73 06

Bring the history of these fortified towns to life through their exceptional historical heritage, as if going on a journey through time.

GR®36, la Traversée du Tarn du Nord au Sud

Saint-Martin-Laguépie05 63 47 73 06

This 232km trail offers hikers a formidable walk through Tarn’s patchwork landscapes.

Sentier du Causse

Souel05 63 47 73 06

Exploring the 13 kilometres of this trail, you will walk along on the limestone rocky trails which run through small valleys adorned with the Souel-Livers’ plateaux cliffs. You will also discover its delicate vine landscape where the white stone brightens up the stunning local architecture.