• All year round
  • 1hr.30 min to 2hrs depending on the option chosen
  • From €6 per pers.

Unsolved mysteries still linger over the medieval town…

An original tour based on the research that has been carried out on Cordes sur Ciel for decades in order to reveal its many mysteries. Become immersed in a fascinating world that is closely linked to fantasy and Medieval legends: strange oracles of the “Spells of the Apostles”, a 13th century manuscript; the secrets of the covered market’s well; the meaning of the chimera that adorn the façades of the Gothic houses…

And so much more!

Option 1

Guided Tour
  • Guided Tour (1hr.30min)
  • Groups of more than 20 people

Option 2

Guided Tour + Tasting session
  • Guided Tour (1hr.30min)
  • Tasting session of local produce (30 min) : Foie gras and dried duck breast or Gaillac wines
  • Groups of more than 20 people

Option 3

Guided Tour + Museum Tour
  • Guided Tour (1hr.30min)
  • Museum Tour (45min) : Choose between the Charles Portal Museum, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art or Museum of Sugar and Chocolate Art (additional fee)
  • Groups of more than 20 people

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Mentions spéciales :
L’Office de Tourisme du Pays Cordais au Pays de Vaour commercialise des visites guidées sèches ou visites guidées combinées avec des visites de musées, du transport en petit train ou des dégustations de produits locaux, conçues par lui-même sous le numéro de licence n° IM081190002.  Toute réservation est soumise aux conditions générales et particulières de vente régissant les rapports entre les organismes locaux du tourisme et leur clientèle.