© Cdt-Laurent Galaup
© Cdt-Laurent Galaup


  • March to November
  • 8-9 hrs
  • €49.50 per person - based on 20 people
  • €47.50 per person - based on 30 people

We have concocted a special “food lovers’” day trip.

Do you know what the culinary speciality of Cordes sur Ciel is?… The “Croquant”!  This thin, almond-covered biscuit makes your mouth water.

Did you know that a Museum of Sugar and Chocolate Art – Yves Thuriès exists? And that we can sample chocolates and “Croquant” almond biscuits?

Are you familiar with the Gaillac wine region? There’s nothing quite like a tasting session in a winery to appreciate all the flavours.

And all this is made even better with a tasty medieval meal.

No, you’re not dreaming – paradise exists and it’s at Cordes sur Ciel!



  • Ascent in a little train and a “Cordes, History and Architecture” guided tour (1 hr. 30 mins)
  • Free time to wander around the narrow streets
  • Medieval lunch
  • Tour of the Museum of Sugar and Chocolate Art - Yves Thuriès and a tasting session
  • Exploring the Domaine Gayrard winery's vineyard and truffle patch and Gaillac wine tasting

Group Assistance Manager
Tourist Office from Pays Cordais to Pays de Vaour
Maison Gaugiran – 38-42 Grand Rue Raimond VII
81170 Cordes sur Ciel
Tel. 05 63 56 49 11
Email. groupes@cordessurciel.fr

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