Monesties - Cordes sur Ciel

A day spent discovering the most beautiful villages in France.

Its best features include picturesque narrow streets, ancient fortifications, a Roman bridge, a fountain and timber-framed houses, making Monestiés one of the “most beautiful villages in France”.  We won’t forget to show you one of the treasures of this charming medieval village: the Chapel of Saint Jacques and its 20 stone statues, classified as “Historic Monuments”.

Cordes sur Ciel, a “Grand Site of Occitanie” will leave you in awe thanks to its incomparable architectural heritage, including its extravagant Gothic merchants’ houses, the covered market, the Saint Michel church and fortified gates as well as local products, savoir-faire and crafts. A wonderful combination for which the bastide is renowned.

Since we are talking about local products and savoir-faire, are you familiar with the Gaillac wine region? There’s nothing quite like a tasting session in a winery to appreciate all the flavours.




Group Assistance Manager
Tourist Office from Pays Cordais to Pays de Vaour
Maison Gaugiran – 38-42 Grand Rue Raimond VII
81170 Cordes sur Ciel
Tel. 05 63 56 49 11

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