• March to November
  • 6-7 hrs
  • €42 per person - based on 20 people
  • €40 per person - based on 30 people

A high up bastide that stands the test of the skies and the centuries!

Step by step, be transported back through the centuries and discover the town’s treasures. Its fortification lines, fortified gates and buildings, even on a rocky hill, make Cordes sur Ciel an impregnable town.

Amongst the beauty you will find majestic Gothic houses, the covered market, the fortified church, amongst others buildings, as well as the art of living, foods that are pleasures for the palate and local crafts…so many beautiful things to see.

As well as the sights that are pleasing to the eye, the Museum of Sugar and Chocolate Art – Yves Thuriès will be pleasing to your taste buds.

What would you say to a tasting session of Gaillac wines at the Château Bouscaillous or eaux de vie at the Castan Distillery?



  • Ascent in a little train and a “Cordes, History and Architecture” guided tour (1 hr. 30 mins)
  • Lunch in the heart of the medieval town
  • Tour of the Museum of Sugar and Chocolate Art - Yves Thuriès (1 hr.)
  • Tour and tasting session at the Château Bouscaillous or Castan Distillery (1 hr. 15 min)

Group Assistance Manager
Tourist Office from Pays Cordais to Pays de Vaour
Maison Gaugiran – 38-42 Grand Rue Raimond VII
81170 Cordes sur Ciel
Tel. 05 63 56 49 11
Email. groupes@cordessurciel.fr

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