Balade en ane autour de Cordes

For families

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Take the family to explore a Grand Site of Occitanie, in Tarn

Hurry! Bring your little tribe for an unforgettable holiday discovering our natural and cultural heritage as well as a whole range of activities.

Attractions near Cordes?

Interactive games, gardens to visit, a zoo and a miniature park are just a few of the many attractions to keep the children entertained!

Guided and unguided tours of the Medieval Villages, those bastides steeped in history.

On certain days, these historic towns burst into life with various children’s workshops: classical music, astronomy, castle festivals and many more sensational ways to keep them happy.

Why not go exploring by donkeyback? It’s an adventure you’ll never forget!

The joys of hiking into the heart of nature

A family outing just 1 1/2 hours from Toulouse! Spend a day or half-day walking, cycling or in the company of a donkey, to air your lungs and enjoy a sense of freedom in the great outdoors of the Cordes & Causse region.

Balade en âne autour de Cordes
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Walking in the mysterious and very beautiful forest of Grésigne

Go exploring on foot, less than an hour away from Cordes. A shady walk near the Aveyron gorges and the bastides of Albi. You’ll find some amazing flora and fauna, here in the most extensive oak forest in the South of France…

Other sporting activities

Go for the thrill in the region of Cordes & Causse!

Go cycling or mountain-biking for a great mix of scenery and sensations!

Enjoy a wonderful experience with your children on a treetop adventure trail… then go canoeing: climbing, floating in a decor of “water and cliffs” in the beautiful heart of the Aveyron Gorges. Unless you just want to do nothing, relax, observe and escape. It’s what holidays are for!

Fly away... gently in a hot air balloon

Take to the skies for an original close look at Cordes sur Ciel as you fly over the ancient town and the surrounding area.

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The privilege of lazing about!

Here in Tarn, there’s no such thing as boredom. Make the most of a quiet moment to sample one of our sweet or chocolatey specialities. You’ll be spoilt for choice! And when night falls… marvel at a firework display.

What better way to brighten your evening?

Ice cream - pastry - tea room...

Cordes sur Ciel is lifted by Castelnau-de-Montmiral, Puycelsi, Bruniquel and Penne

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Nurture your curiosity, come to meet us, any time of year