Puycelsi is a fortified village with a nickname, “Fortress of the woods”.

Just 45 minutes from Cordes sur Ciel, 30 minutes from Penne, less than an hour away from Montauban and within 1 1/4 hours of Toulouse, this old town has a few surprises in store!

Perched on its rocky spur, this characterful village is well known for its spectacular sunsets.

Listed among the “most beautiful villages in France”, the bastide stands within the Gaillac wine region which has received national recognition as a “Vineyards & Discoveries” destination where visitors are invited to explore the local winegrowing heritage!

balade sur les remparts de puycelsi

Time to do the rampart wall walk and admire the “180°” panorama

On a family outing in this “very beautiful little village”, you’ll appreciate its architectural wealth as well as the stunning view over the Vère valley, Grésigne forest and the Bas-Quercy region.

Let’s share a moment of plenitude on a walk in Grésigne forest.

This landscaped woodland, a Natura 2000 site, is home to some specific species of plants and animals. Comprised of sessile oak, beech, hornbeam and various conifers, the forest has left its mark on the region, providing timber for the Gaillac wine barrels and for the furnaces of Grésigne’s glass-makers.

There are many vestiges of the forestry activities that took place here (oppidum, Louis XIV wall, glass-makers’ houses, etc.).


Tours and activities...


The Conservatory of Ancient Fruit Species

You have the possibility to take part in the guided tours, in season, of the conservatory of old fruit species.
Tel : 05 63 33 19 41


« Iter Vitis, les chemins de la vigne »

Stopover on the European Cultural Route: labelled by the Council of Europe, the commune promotes the wine heritage as a federation of European cultural identity. A discovery offer of this stopover has been developed.
Tel : 33 (0)805 400 828

Between Bruniquel and Castelnau-de-Montmiral, wander along the outstanding wall walk and discover scenery that has made history!

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Just click here for a 360° view of the Saint Corneille Church