Arriving from Puycelsi, as we come out of the Grésigne forest and the gorges of the Aveyron, our eyes fall on the unlikely sight of a fortress suspended above the void and offering impressive views.

This dizzying curiosity of rock invites us to explore the village streets of Penne, a fairytale place of poetic charm… “Shush”, that’s all we’re telling you!

Just 30 minutes away from Cordes sur Ciel and 1 1/2 hours from Toulouse.


Let’s stop at this medieval village...

Penne is a village of picturesque charm with stunning views of the Aveyron Gorges. It features an impressive medieval fortress, the royal remains of Occitan military architecture. After a walk through the winding alleys up to the castle, this aerie offers a plunging view of the picturesque village nestling in a pristine natural setting.

Did you know ?

The inhabitants of Penne are called the Pennoles and the Pennols!
Height and plumage would be at the origin of the name of Penne.

castle of penne

... and visit the Castle of Penne

From the top of its rocky spur, the structure fascinates walkers and medievalists alike. It’s quite a feat just reaching in. Left to abandon for four and a half centuries, the fortress of Penne stands high on its rock at the edge of Grésigne forest. Launch your attack on this jewel of military architecture and visit the medieval work site to see how builders lived in days of old.

Did you know?

There’s a story about an amazing man, the terrible of Penne…

Booklet on sale at the Tourist Office


When Penne comes to life...


For children:

The application “the legends of the Tarn” suggests enigmas to be solved in the heart of Penne. A good moment to share with the family to learn together !

For teenagers:

At 10 years old, a giant Cluedo in the castle…


For everybody:

An excavation site and a lively medieval building site are proposed in the summer to discover the restoration work of the castle, with a team of archaeologists and motivated companions (medieval builders) sharing their discoveries.

Next it’s time to spend some energy...

We suggest you cool off on a canoe descent from Penne.

Or you can go hiking or mountain-biking to admire the exceptional fauna and flora (listed Natura 2000 protected site).


... For a delicious break...

If you’re planning to take a picnic with you, don’t hesitate to pop to Le Pic, a famous cheese dairy where you’ll find some very tasty goat cheese.

There’s a handy little grocer’s in the village centre that sells regional products to please every palate!

Lounge around and sample good food…

Our selection of charming accommodation

To stay in Penne a little longer, why not opt for a cosy little nest in the village:

Go away with unforgettable memories of Tarn!

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