Cordes sur Ciel

To explore Cordes is to open a wonderful art-and-history book that’s set in stone… Which is probably why Camus and other great writers fell in love with this village.

It is a unique place that steeps in a timeless magic. It features several rows of fortifications and a truly remarkable architectural heritage.

The numerous gates majestically invite you to visit “Cordes sur Ciel & Cités Médiévales”.


Let’s look back at the history of this extraordinary village...

Welcome to Cordes sur Ciel, a medieval village and a real hotspot of European heritage! During your visit, discover a story that’s 800 years old… as you climb through the cobblestone alleys where the sculpted facades of sumptuous houses pay a worthy tribute to Gothic art, and a whole array of craft workshops and art galleries remind you that, here, art and culture come in every form!

Did you know?

During the Second World War, artists and craftsmen were at the origin of the renaissance of Cordes. Gathered around the painter Yves Brayer, they awakened the forgotten city and enabled it to take off again.


... and stop at the market building and the well...

Built as a trade venue in 1350, the market building (Halle) was occupied by textile (canvas and sheets) and leather merchants. Cordes was to enjoy exceptional growth. Enriched traders and a few noble families ordered the building of sumptuous Gothic palaces with stunningly decorated facades.

The market hall is also home to the village “well” of nearly a hundred metres in depth and, to its left, a wrought iron cross.

Practically opposite the market hall stands the famous Maison du Grand Falconier (House of the Great Falconer) and, further along, the Maison Prunet and Maison Carrié-Boyer…

Did you know?

On 4 November 1222, the young Count of Toulouse Raymond VII made official the foundation of the City, considered to be one of the first “bastides” of the region.


Cordes sur Ciel comes to life...

jardin des paradis a cordes sur ciel

Our museums, our gardens, our parks, our exhibitions

Any time of year.


Application “les légendes du Tarn”

3 mysteries to solve in the heart of Cordes. A good time to share with the family to learn together!

... after that cultural walk, why not let your hair down with a sports activity?

Climbing, treetop adventure trail, canoeing… embark on an expedition into the heart of nature. It’s sure to spark a few sensations, whatever the pace you choose: kids, teens and adults, whatever their preference, can try something new or enjoy a sporting challenge.

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Your efforts rewarded... Mouthwatering!

Delicatessens, bakeries, restaurants… all promise to delight you with the specialities of Tarn!

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Cordes inspires us...

Meet the artists and craftspeople who can be found in the historic village any time of year.



Anne-Marie Séguier

Unique pieces for decoration.

boutique golden-ethik-cordessurciel


Laurence Scimone

Creation of jewellery in hazelwood.

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panorama vue de cordes sur ciel

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