Cordes sur Ciel & cités médiévales

A fabulous journey into five historic towns that are quite out of the ordinary.

For an energetic weekend or a whole week relaxing in the heart of nature, take time out at this holiday destination where the living is good. Between fortified towns and villages oozing with history, stay in a place that promises a unique and emotional experience.

Escape, togetherness, authenticity, relaxation, and life itself

All of this awaits you in the heart of Tarn in the South of France!


Cordes sur Ciel

To explore Cordes is to open a wonderful art-and-history book that’s set in stone... Which is probably why Camus and other great writers fell in love with this village.

It is a unique place that steeps in a timeless magic. It features several rows of fortifications and a truly remarkable architectural heritage. The numerous gates majestically invite you to visit.

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Castelnau-de-Montmiral and the surrounding area, where the horizon rises high above the forest of Grésigne and the Vère valley.

This bastide at the gateway to the Aveyron Gorges is truly a haven of peace on the Route des Bastides.

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Puycelsi is a fortified village with a nickname, “Fortress of the woods”.

Just 45 minutes from Cordes sur Ciel, 30 minutes from Penne, less than an hour away from Montauban and within 1 1/4 hours of Toulouse, this old town has a few surprises in store!

Perched on its rocky spur, this characterful village is well known for its spectacular sunsets.

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This is just one stage of the fantastic journey that follows the Cordes sur Ciel & Cités Médiévales itinerary.

Standing on a unique headland, Bruniquel flaunts its castles against a remarkable panoramic backdrop you absolutely must see.

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Arriving from Puycelsi, as we come out of the Grésigne forest and the gorges of

the Aveyron, our eyes fall on the unlikely sight of a fortress suspended above the void and offering impressive views.

This dizzying curiosity of rock invites us to explore the village streets of Penne, a fairytale place of poetic charm... “Shush”, that’s all we’re telling you!

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