Discover the fantasies of Cordes and its Cities

Welcome to the very heart of Occitanie!

Explore the authenticity and rich heritage of our region. It has many surprises in store… Occitan culture, legends, traditions, gastronomy and much more…


Dovecotes, gems of our cultural heritage

These outstanding structures of all shapes and sizes stand at the roadsides and invite you to discover their rich architecture and a whole wealth of history.

These “Feather Houses” are unique buildings that want to tell you their story.

During the Middle Ages, young pigeons and stock doves played a very important role in the daily lives of the people of our region.

On sale at the Tourist Office: The dovecotes of Tarn

Take a souvenir of Tarn home with you!

The Terrible of Penne

Our lucky parents and grandparents lived in villages whose colourful characters brought an original and sometimes comical touch of fantasy to their lives. One such character from the 19th century lived in Penne d’Albigeois.

You’ll find illustrations of him in the village, or you can rush to buy Christian Mathieu’s book about Alexandre Viguier, AKA “The Terrible of Penne”. That’s Terrible spelt with 19 Rs!

Monsieur Viguier built himself a solid reputation which spread all the way to Paris by mere word of mouth, the only means of communication back then.

Booklet on sale at the Tourist Office


A souvenir of a comical nature, in Penne!


Our Cordes speciality, the “croquant”

This light, delicate little biscuit can only be made with almonds. It is a sweet treat full of finesse for you to enjoy during those pleasant moments when you take the time to relax, wherever you are.

In the 17th century, almond trees, the emblem of Cordes sur Ciel, were found in abundance here and nobody knew what to do with the colossal quantities harvested.

The croquant biscuits made by our artisans go admirably well with the local varietal wines.

Enjoy a crunchy bite of Tarn!

What is “responchon”?

The locals love it… But it takes that “Tarn sophistication to cook it properly…”

The famous responchon is in fact black bryony, a wild plant that grows in the woods along the banks. It looks like a fine, climbing asparagus and can be cooked with other foods to enhance a dish.

If you want to taste it, ask the experts!

Responchon can be enjoyed in April.


Do you know how to recognise people from the South of France?

Listen to our warm, melodic accent.

But beware, this accent is contagious!