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Great Sites of Midi-Pyrénées

Cordes sur Ciel is a member of the collection Grands Sites. Indeed, the region count 25 emblematic « Grands Sites » thanks to its culture, its history and its natural heritage. In this capacity, they have been joined in a unic collection in France where shine the name of Toulouse, Lourdes, Cahors ou Albi.

Within this collection, you will be fascinated by the beauty of the engineering works (Viaduc de Millau, Canal des Deux Mers), by medieval pearls (Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, Cordes sur Ciel…), but also by spectacular natural sites like  « le Cirque de Gavarnie » or « Cauterets-Pont d’Espagne » in the Pyrénées.

 “Reach the movie
of Cordes sur Ciel
in the Tarn

« Les Grands Sites » are your gateways on Midi-Pyrénées. They share the desire to give you a quality welcome and guide you in the exploration of the huge territory of Midi-Pyrénées.

« Les Grands Sites » constitute a network, a big family, a cohesive group to make Midi-Pyrénées an important holidays’ destination…

Accéder au site internet des Grands Sites de Midi-Pyrénées ( www.tourisme-midi-pyrenees.com )


AlbiDistance de Cordes sur Ciel : 25 km

Crédits photo : Ville d’Albi

Albi asserts itself like an authentic city thanks to the ever-present color of the brick, the power of the episcopal city ranked at « Patrimoine Mondial de l’Unesco » and thanks to the good welcome of the Albigeois.

Settled on a promontory at the edge of the Tarn, Albi can be prouf of its rich historic heritage with especially :

    • La cathédrale Sainte-Cécile : unic cathedral in the world, completely built in bricks.
    • Le Palais de la Berbie : splendid palace of bishops, now head office of the Toulouse Lautrec museum, with an international reputation.
    • Le cloître et la collégiale Saint-Salvi : wonders of « Vieil Alby »

    Le Pont-vieux : built in 1040, the most ancient of France


It seduces thanks to its singing accent, its coloured markets where the local products attract the eyes as much as the taste buds. Along the Tarn, a hiking path at the heart of the city follows the banks on 4km. The streets of the Vieil Alby reveal for curious people half-timbered facades, elaborate gates, secret backyards, many refurbished places favourable for the relaxation, foutains and refreshing water jets.


Cultural city, it turns to the new quarter of Cordeliers. « Le Grand Théâtre » is the symbol, it was designed by the famous architect Philippe Perraut. At the top of the belvedere, we have an impregnable panoramic view on the roofs of the Vieil Alby.


You have to visit, to see : Heritage tour, le musée de la Mode, l’Académie des Miniatures et des petits goûters, l’espace Raphaël Cordoba, trip on small train, on barge, on  horse-drawn carriage, remarkable gardens, guided, told, sung and played visits…
Accéder au site internet « www.albi-tourisme.fr » pour plus d’informations


Najac – Villefranche de RouergueDistance de Cordes sur Ciel : 35km (Najac) ; 45 km (Villefranche de Rouergues)

Crédits photo : Office de Tourisme de Najac

Najac. The medieval village is situated on an abrupt hill which surrounds the Aveyron river. The fortification (XII and XIII centuries) dominates the rocky spur. The « bourg castral », built on the hill is extended by the faubourgs, on the East, along the main street which weave the crest to the « place du barri et ses couverts ». The church Saint-Jean, built in order to answer to catharism during the XIII century, extend the village to the West. Also ranked among « Les Plus Beaux Villages de France », Najac is an indispensable step in the South-West of France. In the village, you can enjoy of numerous leisure activities : hike, canoe-kayak, mountain bike, accrobranche, climbing, bathing…

Villefranche de Rouergue. Rightly, proud of its prestigious origins, the city occupy the contours of the Aveyron Valley. « Grand Site » of Midi-Pyrénées, it reveals a remarkable heritage in a environment imprinted by softness where dominate the ginger tile of the Midi (la tuile rousse du Midi).

Beautiful example, intact, of urbanism invented tkanks to the fortified towns. Its dense network of streets flexibly organized, leads to the main square. That one is surrounded by archways topped by gothic or renaissance houses.

Located at 250 m of altitude, it is here that we touch the South, it is not yet le Massif Central, it is already le Midi Toulousain
Accéder au site internet « www.tourisme-najac.com » pour plus d’informations
Accéder au site internet « www.villefranche.com » pour plus d’informations


RodezDistance de Cordes sur Ciel : 80 km

Crédits photo : G. Tordjeman / C. Méravilles

Musée Soulages : The permanent collections of the museum Soulages constitute the most important ensemble of the painter Pierre Soulages in the world. The museum invites to discover his youthful works, etchings, litographies, silkscreen printing, works on paper, all the delicate  walnut stain, the preliminary work for the stained glasses of Conques, painting on canvas to the Outrenoir.

Go to the conquest of the steeple of the cathedral !

The steeple of the cathedral : From the top of its 87 metres, the bell-tower of the cathedral seems to take care of the city for many centuries. Find out the secrets during an unforgettable visit which will make you relive the past of the cathedral. Cautiously follow your guide… Medieval houses of the old canonical quarter to the top of the bell-tower, the guide will lead you to the discovery of this amazing tower which still possess now the title of the most high bell-tower of France !

  • Guided visits for childrens « The Hunting of Monsters » :

    Go to the discovery of creatures in misterious rocks during a playful visit in the city. With binoculars, childrens will explore the little streets, the edifices of Rodez in order to find « the little monsters in rock » who they hid for many centuries … Find out the misterious history of the city through the eyes of its creatures never terrifying, always funny and enigmatic…Accéder au site internet « www.tourisme.grand-rodez.com » pour plus d’informations

 The others « Grands Sites of Midi-Pyrénées »

Going away of Cordes sur Ciel, Albi or Najac, you can also discover 21 others « Grands Sites de Midi-Pyrénées », indispensable destination to not miss anything about numerous treasures of our huge region.

So find, in beam(shelf) of hundred kilometers around Cordes sur Ciel :

♦  Saint-Cirq Lapopie-
aaPech Merle
66 km ♦  Aux sources du Canal du Midi,
90 km
♦  Figeac 79 km ♦  Moissac 102 km
♦  Cahors 81 km ♦  Conques 108 km
♦  Toulouse 82 km  

En prolongeant plus avant votre parcours, vous pourrez également découvrir :

♦  Rocamadour ≈ 130 km ♦  Saint-Bertrand-de-Comminges ≈ 200 km
♦  Viaduc de Millau ≈ 130 km ♦  Marciac ≈ 210 km
♦  Canal des Deux Mers ≈ 130 km ♦  Luchon ≈ 230 km
♦  Vallée de la Dordogne-Rocamadour ≈ 140 km ♦  Lourdes ≈ 250 km
♦  Auch ≈ 160 km ♦  Pic du Midi ≈ 275 km
♦  Flaran-Baïse-Armagnac ≈ 170 km ♦  Cauterets-Pont d’Espagne ≈ 290 km
♦  Collection Ariège ≈ 170 km ♦  Le Cirque de Gavarnie ≈ 300 km

Pour plus d’informations, nous vous invitons à visiter le site internet des Grands Sites de Midi-Pyrénées en vous rendant à l’adresse suivante : Accéder au site internet des Grands Sites de Midi-Pyrénées ( www.tourisme-midi-pyrenees.com )