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The Weekly Market

In Cordes sur Ciel, there is a friendly and colorful market every Saturday morning on the Place de la Bouteillerie (lower town) where you can wander among the stands of numerous food producers, alongside clothing, booksellers, crafts, etc..
And if you miss the Saturday, there are other markets  around Cordes on other days of the week, starting close by with, Les Cabannes, on Wednesday morning, in the Autan square.

The Truffle Market

The truffle season is between mid-December to mid-February.
Depending on the vagaries of nature (freezing, drought, new moon, etc..) harvesters in the country come to sell their “black gold” on a market stand in Cordes. Advice to newcomers is not to come to late to find the truffle of your dreams!

The Night Markets

These take place every summer in July and August !
Forty artisans or producers offer their wares: regional delicacies of the Cordes countryside, ornaments and original creations of clothing and hats, cosmetics, jewellery for every taste,children’s games mostly made of wood.
Based on user-friendliness, fun and quality products, these markets attract summer visitors and locals every year
The producers from the Maison de Pays have a variety of food available and you can fill your plate and calmly enjoy it seated at one of the many tables in the marketplace. There is even a band to provide an added  touch of enjoyment to your evening …