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Events & Festivals

Cordes sur Ciel, city of festivals and entertainment!

The most famous festival of Cordes sur Ciel is the medieval festival of the Grand Fauconnier! Every July, they transform the city back to the time of the Middle Ages : falconry, music and dance, taverns, animate the city; the population dress appropriately for the occasion, the city is decked out!
But Cordes is also a city of culture, and for 40 years, the highly regarded music festival has attracted the greatest musicians and is complemented by a gathering of European violin makers and bow makers.
And for gourmets, there is also a cause for celebration, as the Committee of the four seasons undertakes to delight and amaze your taste buds !

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Medieval festival of the Grand Fauconnier

Every summer for July 14, the organizing committee of the Grand Fauconnier organises the Festival of the Grand Falconer in the medieval town of Cordes sur Ciel.

Musicians, jugglers, street performers, skits, knights, falconers, dancers, participate in fire shows, plays, banquets and street parades in costume, throughout the City continuously throughout the festival
Residents, merchants, artists, artisans, and spectators are also dressed in medieval costume to better relive the ways of the Middle Ages…

There are many different professional troupes performing daily with : men at arms and encampments of knights; workshops incalligraphy, bookbinding, embroidery, blacksmithing; falconers, jugglers, stilt walkers; medieval games, magicians, medieval builders; actors in short plays, , fire eaters, concerts, parades in costume and Medieval balls!
There will be a medieval market and medieval banquet in the market square!

Please visit the site of the Committee of the Grand Fauconnier for further details.

« Musique sur Ciel » festival

Founded forty years ago by the pioneers of the « baroque revolution » – J. Cohen and The Boston Camerata, J. Savall, W. Christie, C. Corner – the « Musique sur Ciel » festival deals with all types of repertoires, from the baroque to the works of young composers. It thus offers works from chamber orchestra recitals, to all the masterpieces of romantic music and performances combining strings, wind and keyboards.
The Festival has welcomed all the new generations of musicians sponsored by Augustin Dumay : Renaud Capuçon, Nicholas Angelich, Jérôme Ducros, Jerome Pernoo, Bertrand Chamayou, the Ebony quartet, Jérémie Rhorer.

The most important composers of the twentieth century come every year to introduce young musicians, to create the music of their era : Olivier Grief, Henri Dutilleux, Gyorgy Kurtag, Philippe Hersant, Thierry Escaich, Jonathan Harvey, Thomas Ades.

Added to the creative exchange between composers and performers in Cordes, there is also the rare interaction between them and the violin makers of the European Workshop, experimenting with the instrument, the bow and the sounds that emerge.

For more information, visit the website of the Musique sur Ciel festival.

Gastronomic Festivals : Croquantes, Good Life and Responchons

At Cordes sur Ciel, many gourmet festivals also take place throughout the year :

In April, the Feast of Responchons (pronounced res-poon-choos), the creeper (Tamias) that looks like asparagus, is a gourmet delight and there is an associated recipe contest, and on this day, a giant “Shuttle” is performed to the delight of all.

In June, Cordes celebrates its culinary specialty in the Croquantes Day – deliciously light wafer – like biscuits made to an (almost) secret recipe with the making of “The Biggest Croquante”.

In September, the Feast of The Good Life (La Bonne Vie) is held at La Halle to recreate earlier medieval banquets and meals, culminating with the gargantuan “Biggest Croquante Al Cabessal” made to eat there.

« Tout en Stock » festival

A family festival held at the lower part of the city which presents two days of concerts, theatre, circus and performance.

Started in 2009, the combined festival enables artistic innovation in various fields : contemporary music, world music, song, theater, circus, street arts, visual performance. In search of the new and the unexpected, this multidisciplinary festival contributes to opening up new creative horizons through meetings and exchanges in this unique location, both as a platform for young artists but also those with greater experience.

The festival (in Pont Saint-Pierre, near the stadium) is located in a rural setting with stunning views of Cordes and, like the traditional “country dances”, one finds a friendly, family atmosphere.

For more information, please visit the site of the “Tout en Stock” festival.

Wednesday at Les Cabannes

Every Wednesday this summer, the village Les Cabannes comes alive!
There is a municipal market in the morning and, alternating in the evenings, aperitifs, concerts and outdoor cinema.

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