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Cordes sur Ciel, group visits

Cordes sur Ciel for Tour Groups


veronique-lWould you and a group of friends or colleagues like to explore Cordes sur Ciel? Are you a tour leader who would like to organize a visit to our medieval bastide town or its surroundings? Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

We can arrange events to best meet your needs. We are at your disposal to build a programme with you, tailored to suit your requirements.

Among our offerings in Cordes sur Ciel and the region, we provide several which are especially designed for groups.

Whatever your budget, Isabelle and Linda, who are responsible for group services, will be at your disposal to offer you a choice of guided tours, organised days, or stays to cater for your special interests.

We cater for anything from a simple thematic tour, to a memorable stay uncovering the highlights of our heritage.

If you are in Codres sur Ciel for a few hours, enjoy a guided tour

Our guided tours will provide you with the key to understanding the mysteries of the construction and history of the medieval town of Cordes sur Ciel. In one and a half hours, your guide will explain the richness of the unusual architectural features and exceptionally well preserved heart of the city. Depending on your interests, several themes will be offered, and you can enjoy a classical guided tour or the fun approach of a treasure hunt that will stimulate everyone’s mind, appealing both to knowledge and also a keen sense of observation.

A day in Cordes: a timeless journey

With a rich architectural heritage and examples of extraordinary craftsmanship, Cordes sur Ciel is worth taking time to discover and to appreciate. Thus, different day packages allow you to explore the history of this hilltop town and also to share a convivial lunch, followed by an activity of your choice (museum, visiting a craftsman, enjoying a tasting). An enticing program providing you with long lasting memories.

Cordes sur Ciel and its role in the region

Cordes sur Ciel is a medieval bastide town that sits perfectly among the typical villages and majestic towns of the region. Why not make the most of your stay and combine your visit to the medieval city with the discovery of other highlights of local history? Accompanied by your guide, you can take advantage a day trip walking the streets of these varied sites. You can choose from the bastides of the Albigeois, a climb up to the fort in Najac, or explore another major site of Midi-Pyrenees, the episcopal city of Albi, which is classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Explore Cordes sur Ciel and its surrounds

If you decide to stay with a group of friends or colleagues in Cordes sur Ciel, the tourist office offers a 2 day programme that will allow you to explore the exceptional aspects of Cordes sur Ciel and its surroundings. You will discover medieval bastide and fortified towns, and also visit the famous cathedral city of Albi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site . This trip will also provide an opportunity for your group to appreciate the long and honourable history of wine making in the region with a visit to Gaillac and its Museum of Art and Popular Traditions, dedicated to vines and wine.

Contact : Isabelle Le Ponner, Guided tour manager Adress : Tourist Office – Place Jeanne Ramel-Cals 81170 Cordes sur Ciel Tel : 05 63 56 49 11 Fax : 05 63 56 19 52 E-mail : receptif.otcordes@wanadoo.fr


Cordes sur Ciel for School Excursions

Our tourist service is offered to ensure the success of your school trips. We offer a choice of tours and activities which are both educational and fun, tailored to different ages and grade levels.

The rich architectural heritage and way of life of Cordes sur Ciel will enable you to find a tour that will fit into any project developed for your class.

Cordes sur Ciel: a jewel of Gothic art at the heart of the Middle Ages

With a heritage of outstanding architecture, Cordes sur Ciel is one of the most significant medieval towns of France. We offer different projects on the theme of the Middle Ages: from a classical tour suitable for all ages to a treasure hunt with a guide, the latter being more interactive and fun.

The discovery of the city can be ideally complemented by a visit to Historama, the Charles Portal Museum or even by visiting a typical workshop of a master craftsman in the Middle Ages.

Le Jardin des Paradis

Through an awareness of biodiversity, a key theme of the gardens is planning for a better future.

Located in a beautiful setting, Le Jardin des Paradis offers younger visitors a fun game of exploration via a sensory trail of discovery.

Different themes are offered each year.

The work of artists and craftsmen in Cordes sur Ciel.

Cordes sur Ciel is a city of craftsmen where you can come to understand the transformation of materials into unique objects and paintings by viewing the work of skilled artists. From ironworkers to glassblowers, there are many traditional crafts on show, displaying their particular skills.

Cordes sur Ciel and the first industrial revolution.

A fantastic leap in history will bring your class, not to the Middle Ages but to the second half of the nineteenth century, a time of renewal for Cordes. Indeed, the bastide was one of the leading centres for the embroidery industry and to highlight this, a museum has been established in the former factory of Fourmiguier,. The museum demonstrates the social changes that came about with the industrialization of the city.

Cordes sur Ciel, a city of Art

It is difficult to come to Cordes sur Ciel without acknowledging the important role of artists. Why not take the opportunity for children to express themselves, to discover and develop their artistic potential? Various workshops can be offered as part of the visit of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.

Contact : Anaïs Tressols
Adress : Tourist Office – Maison Gaugiran
38-42, Grand Rue Raimond VII
81170 Cordes sur Ciel Tel : 05 63 56 49 11 Fax : 05 63 56 19 52 E-mail : groupes@cordessurciel.fr